Today I will be talking about how to balance YouTube while studying or going to Work. If you are doing YouTube for fun its easy to balance both work or studies with making videos. You don’t have any schedule so you can upload videos when ever you want. You can record your videos when you have a free time maybe at the weekends and if you are in school or work at the morning you can edit you videos at night. But if you are doing YouTube as your work its different way to balance with your school. First if you are uploading videos every single day and also you are going to school you can balance that like I did when I was in highschool. I was recording all of my videos for the whole week at Friday,Saturday and Sunday and I was editing and rendering them the same days.When I was done with uploading my videos I had whole week for studying and I didn’t bother whill I have a video today or not because I was having every single day out.



“YouTube has a problem…the most recent one involves something that I absolutely hate, which is drama,” Pewdiepie, YouTube’s biggest star, said in a video that is approaching three million views. “Drama is the hot new thing. Drama is what everyone is talking about.”

In that video, Pewdiepie denounces ‘drama,’ and the way people obsess over the lives of internet celebrities who have become famous on social media platforms such as Vine or YouTube.

The very idea of a digital celebrity might sound silly. You might think, who are people like LeafyIsHere and Bashur, and why should I care? Yes, many of the people who fall under this purview may lack the sort of recognizable household name that traditional entertainers like Drake and Rihanna have, but these digital stars have still accrued millions of devoted fans. In turn, an entire TMZ-like industry has sprung up from following the exploits of these new celebs. “There’s even [YouTube] channels now focusing solely on YouTube drama,” Pewdiepie said. “It’s just growing, bigger and bigger.”



How’s a going everyone! In today’s blog we are going to talk about how to increase your audience in a different way. So as I was writing in my previous blogpost you need to promote yourself so that people can find out about you and your channel but this will not bring you like a lot of subscribers. So that’s why you will need to look for other youtubers who have a bigger audience than yours for example channels with hundred thousands of subscribers or maybe millions. There are plenty of youtubers out there who are making shout-outs and if you do something for them like create an animation or intro they might see it and after that they will promote your channel so that’s another way to increase your audience and also you should ask other youtubes with bigger audience for collabs if you have enough luck they might accept and do a collab video with you and by this you will grow a lot of audience. So that was it from this blogpost hope you enjoyed reading it and stay tuned for the next one.



So for todays blog I’m going to write about the top 3 most popular youtubers in the world who literally rule with youtube because of their big number of audience and views.

So the first most popular YouTuber is going to be PewDiePie with 46 million subscribers. He makes video game content and his real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he comes from Sweden. He also has total views of 12.24 billion.

The next most popular YouTuber is HolaSoyGerman with 27 million subscribers. He makes Vlogs and his real name is Germán Garmendia and he is from Chile. He has total views of 2.6 billion.

The next most popular YouTuber is YouTube Spotlight with 24 million subscribers. He makes Entertainment videos and the owner of this channel is YouTube Inc.

So that was it for this topic.I hope that you found this top-3-most-popular-YouTuber information interesting.



Continuing from the previous post Youtube Partners can also help you grow more audience because they have their own website where you can promote your channel but you will need to search a bit deeper and find some other sites to promote your channel because your partners website will help you grow but not that much. For example, you can promote your channel on twitter by the hashtags. Twitter promotion is the best so far after that you can also promote on Tumblr by making blogs about your channel, videos etc. The third place to promote your channel is Reddit. Everyone so far is on Reddit and they read what’s new if you know the right way to promote your video on Reddit you might gain a lot of audience. The fourth place I recommend to promote your channel is the Google Plus Communities the 5th is Facebook, youtube groups and the final of course is WordPress where I do these blogs. You have to promote your channel in order to grow bigger and these are the sites I use for promotion.



So on the previous blogpost I was explaining how to start making videos what programs and gear you will need etc.

For the beginning you will need the things I mentioned on the previous blogpost that will do it while you are still a small channel but If you are creative enough and good with the editing staff you will see that your audience is going to start to grow and if that happens you will need to search for a good youtube partner. There are a few good youtube networks that you could partner up with and they are: Freedom, Fullscreen , Machinima and many others. But these are kinda best for beginners. So what does the youtube partner do?

Once you connect with them you pretty much partner up and that means the money you earn from youtube your partner takes a bigger percent and you take less so you basically split the money but your partner takes the bigger part and this is the only way to take the money you earn from youtube. You will need to open a Pay Pal account and connect it with your youtube partners after you do that they will be able to send you your half. And every Youtube Network is different. Some are giving you more money some less so when you are going to choose who to partner up with you’ll need to search for a good partner and I mentioned some up. Also you will need to partner up with a youtube network because some of them can keep you safe from copyright strikes and you can make more money with them by Merch which means selling T-Shirts, Hoodies, Phone Cases with your own logo on them but you can do this only if you have more than 10 000 subscribers because otherwise no one’s gonna buy and you’ll waste money.



If you are interested in starting making videos for youtube first of all you will need a good program for recording the screen while you are playing the game or doing whatever.There are few good programs for screen recording and they are Fraps(recommended),OBS Studio,Bandicam,Action! and other.After you got yourself a good program for screen recording second thing you’ll need to have is a facecam which will stay at the top of the video so the people could see your reactions.Me I record myself with my phone because it has a great camera but if you can’t use your phone for recording then you’ll need a usb port camera and they are cheap you can buy them in the near computer shop.Remember you don’t need to spend money on cameras if you want you can still do the videos without a facecam.So after you finished recording the video than you will need to get yourself a nice editing program.Me for example I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC if you think that this program is going to be hard for you than Sony Vegas Is a nice one too.In this program you pretty much edit the video like you want and then when you are done editing the render part comes and here you have to wait and that depends on how long your video is for example if the video is 10 min you will have to wait for the render process about 1 or 2 hrs that also depends on what kind of processor you have if the processor is better the faster the render goes.Once the video Is rendered you can now finally upload it on youtube and once the upload is done your video will be published.